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There’s a good deal of false, misleading info out there when it comes to drug addiction, and we believe that there is a great need for authentic, high-quality information to become more accessible to those which are in need of assistance as they work to recover and return to healthy living. With the substance abuse crisis continuing to grow it’s more critical now than ever before to make sure that individuals have access to the data that they need to recoup from addiction safely.

In the center for combating drug addiction in Syracuse, New York we assist individuals in a large number of ways. We help the people that are fighting with addiction by linking them with the treatment that best suits their needs. We provide those battling addiction with the option for outpatient care in addition to inpatient care. We have intake staff that can help each person decide what treatment options best fit their own needs. A few of the services which we provide include counseling, meetings, medically assisted detox, and tapering. We also ensure that individuals who finish our treatment programs are set up with great aftercare to pave the way for continued success.


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1/23/19 at 6 PM

At this meeting, we will be discussing how to repair our relationships with others.…


Do You Offer Actual Treatment or Just Informational Services?

We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment services…

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What is “Freedom Fighter Times”

Freedom Fighter Times is an organization that works with the people that are struggling from drug addiction. We do so in a multitude of ways. We work…

Death Statistics

The drug overdose rate in Syracuse, New York is higher than the state and national average. Drug-induced deaths have been on the rise in this city for…

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When you or someone you love is addicted to drugs, it can be extremely difficult to know what to do. Learn how to help someone struggling with drug abuse, even if that someone is YOU!


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