Do You Offer Actual Treatment or Just Informational Services?

We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment services to those that are in need. We are passionate about providing people with the information that they need so that they can determine which treatment option is best for them.

Do you Accept Insurance?

We work with most insurance providers. Depending on your insurance company and the plan that you have you may or may not be covered. In the event that you are not covered, we offer flexible payment plans to keep treatment accessible for all.

Should I Move Forward with Inpatient Treatment?

If you have struggled with addiction in the past and have found it difficult to make it through the acute withdrawal stage, it is recommended that you look into inpatient treatment. Doing so will allow you to have the support that you need to make it through the initial physical withdrawal symptoms that you are experiencing.

What About Aftercare?

We offer a wide variety of outpatient aftercare services. We recognize the importance of receiving emotional and mental support after making it through the physical withdrawal period. Some of our aftercare services include counseling, mindfulness classes, group meetings, yoga, among other activities designed to improve emotional and mental wellbeing.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Treatment lasts between one and three months. However, it varies depending on the individual and their needs. It also depends on the substance that a person is attempting to get clean from. Different substances may require more or less time depending on the severity of the addiction.

Do you Treat Minors?

Our center currently has staff that is trained in assisting adults. If you or a loved one that is a minor is in need of treatment, we recommend that you seek out a treatment facility that is specifically trained in assisting youth with addiction.  Treatment for youth requires specialized care from professionals trained in their developmental needs.