How to Recognize an Addicted Person

There are a few basic signs to be aware of when it comes to whether or not a person could be using drugs. Some of these signs are easy to spot, but others demand a closer look. If you notice some of these signs in a person that you care about, it may be worth it to take another look, and also to have a conversation with them about your concerns.

Behavioral Changes

There are few different areas where drug dependence is very likely to leave its imprint in the user. The first place that you’re most likely to notices changes is in the way that a person behaves. If you discover that a person has become secretive, it’s worth keeping in mind. Deceptive behavior such as lying about how and where a person is spending their time is cause for suspicion, mainly if this behavior seems to come out of nowhere, and you see that the individual becomes agitated when questioned.

The abrupt onset of tiredness is just another thing to take note of. If you discover that a person has gotten very unmotivated, it’s worth noting. People who use drugs frequently experience difficulties maintaining their responsibilities and occasionally”crash” after their high wears off. You might see a decline in their performance on the job, or notice they’ve stopped maintaining the cleanliness of their home.

People who are addicted to drugs often struggle to maintain their hygiene. This comes along with the decrease in energy experienced by the majority of users when they are in between doses. If you observe the onset of bad hygiene one of the signs listed above, it’s worth noting. Poor hygiene is very common with those who have been experiencing severe, prolonged addiction.

Physical Changes

People who are addicted to drugs often develop plenty of physical symptoms. Some of the symptoms are easier to spot than others early on in use. Among the things to be looking out for are cold symptoms that never seem to go away entirely, but disappear for a couple of days at a time. Most addicts experience the onset of influenza-like symptoms in between doses or when they are beginning to experience withdrawal.

Many addicts tend to develop unusual marks, scabs, and abscesses on their body if they have moved on to intravenous use with their drug of choice. Injection isn’t only for heroin….people inject substances like meth also. If you see these unusual markings across the veins in combination with some of the symptoms, it’s worth noting. Sometimes addicts will wear jeans and long sleeves to cover these marks even in hot weather. Weather inappropriate clothes is another indication that a person might be struggling.