Meetings and Events

1/23/19 at 6 PM

At this meeting, we will be discussing how to repair our relationships with others. It is common to do damage to relations while indulging a drug addiction. The behaviors that we exhibit during these times can lead to a loss of trust and hurt feelings. During this meeting, we will have a chance to discuss our experiences with relationship repair, as well as receive guidance from a relationship counselor about how to move forward with the process in a healthy and balanced way.

1/28/19 at 9 AM

During this meeting, we will be hosting an event with an art therapist who will explore how to utilize creative expression as a coping mechanism. When we give up our drug addiction, it is imperative to find healthy outlets for our emotions and feelings. Art is a wonderful way to connect with emotions in a healthy and balanced way and serves as a release for repressed emotional toxicity.

2/4/19 at 3 PM

We will be hosting a fundraiser for our center at 3 PM on this day. If you would like to volunteer for this event, please be sure to do so at least three days ahead of time so that we can fill you in with the information that you might need. All of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the upkeep of our center and into our sponsorship program which provides services to those that do not have the money to spend on treatment. There will be live music, and merchandise for sale.

2/8/19 at 8 PM

We will be talking about self-forgiveness. We will have a counselor on staff to facilitate the discussion and to provide insight and suggestions to those who wish to participate in the discussion. During this time you will have the chance to ask questions, listen to other peoples experiences, and share any insight you may have gained on this topic so far in your journey.