Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a complex condition that must be treated with care. It is important to recognize that the success of treating addiction is directly dependent on being able to address the needs of the addict on an individual and personal level. Treatment needs to be changed and restructured based on a wide variety of factors. Some of these factors include the drug being used, the age of the addict, gender, and mental health of the individual being treated.

Treatment needs to be accessible to be effective. Making treatment available to people from all walks of life is one of the most important things to be done when it comes to treating addiction on a global level. It is essential that a multitude of payment options are made available to those who are in need of care. Many of the people out there that are addicted to drugs wish to be clean but are unable to afford treatment.

Effective treatment takes the entirety of the individual into account and doesn’t just treat the physical symptoms. When it comes to the treatment of addiction, a holistic approach should be taken to maximize the chances of a successful recovery. Addressing the emotional and mental needs of the individual alongside the physical symptoms ensures that the individual is better prepared to return to normal life after giving up their addiction.

It is important to note that many of the people that find themselves addicted to drugs have other mental health disorders. These mental health disorders can worsen in severity when it comes to the symptoms during withdrawal. Often the mental health disorder has been left untreated due to being masked by drug use. Those who have preexisting mental health issues will require extra care and attention during the process of getting clean.  These people may become a danger to themselves while going through withdrawal as a result of not having the proper coping mechanisms to deal with the mental aspect of going through withdrawal. •    It is imperative that a person who is wishing to make a full recovery from their addiction develop a solid aftercare plan. Medically assisted detox and making it through the acute withdrawal phase is only the first step. Without a proper aftercare plan in place, it becomes easy for the individual in recovery to fall back into old, unhealthy patterns. Aftercare plans ensure that the person in recovery has the tools that they need to build healthier coping mechanisms for themselves.