What is “Freedom Fighter Times”

Freedom Fighter Times is an organization that works with the people that are struggling from drug addiction. We do so in a multitude of ways. We work to provide the members of our community with the information and treatment that they need. In addition to this, we also focus a lot of our effort on outreach services. 

We believe that by doing our part in providing information to the public, we can make an impact and lessen the severity of drug addiction in our city over time. We meet with the teenagers and young adults in our town by working with local colleges to make sure that they have access to the necessary harm reduction information. At our addiction treatment center, we work with each to address their unique needs. We have trained medical staff on hand at all hours to monitor the recovery process. We also have mental health professionals available to discuss the mental and emotional needs of those who come to us for assistance with getting clean.

While we do not require people to take part in the 12 step program, we do recommend it for those who have struggled with getting clean in the past. The 12 steps are a tried and trusted set of actions that have worked for many other people who have struggled with drug addiction in the past. However, if you do not wish to partake in this program, we do have other options to assist in facilitating a full recovery. At our center, we offer addiction counseling, meditation and mindfulness classes, health classes, as well as various other therapeutic activities. All of our services are available to both inpatient and outpatient clients. Our inpatient program is more immersive and is the recommended option for people who have a long history with addiction.